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Why is WFSC different? 
For starters, we are a family oriented club. All of our coaches know every player, and all of our players know every coach. We are small by nature because of our location, however that does not mean our quality is any different than the biggest clubs in the country. Our club provides the highest licensed coaches per capita in the area hands down. We focus our development on the individual player and not team oriented winning. Although winning is the by product of our work. We want to develop creative players, not robots. This is a long term process that takes time and requires patience from our parents. However, it results in some of the top players in the panhandle coming from our small family club. 

What is Competitive Soccer?
Competitive soccer is the next step in your child's development. It is a focus on development of the individual player both technically and tactically. We provide a licensed coaching staff that will develop their players in a proper manner. 

What is a Soccer Coaching License?
They are accreditation for our sport. Check out the links below to see what is offered and what is required to receive a soccer coaching license.

United States Soccer Federation

National Soccer Coaches Association of America

What does it cost?

  • U10 (10 month program)
    • $150 Registration Fee
    • $700 Club Dues (paid in-full, bi-annually, or monthly)
    • $30-$50 per tournament
  • U11 - U14 (10 month program)
    • $150 Registration Fee
    • $850 Club Dues (paid in-full, bi-annually, or monthly)
    • $30-$50 per tournament
  • High School (U15 and up; 7 month program)
    • $150 Registration Fee
    • $625 Club Dues (paid in-full by September 1)
    • $30-$50 per tournament
  • Uniforms (ordered no later than July):
    •  Approximately $150 - $200, which includes:
      • 2 complete game uniforms (with alternate white jersey)
      • 3 practice jerseys with black shorts and socks

Will we travel?

WFSC Competitive teams participate in approximately one tournament each month.

Tournaments are typically located in Daphne/Fairhope/Foley, Mobile, Pensacola, or Destin. This close proximity means our families can drive to and from tournaments without needing to stay overnight!

Tournaments generally consist of 2 games on Saturday and at least one on Sunday (or two on Sunday if we make the championship game!). 

Typically, multiple WFSC Competitive teams participate in the same tournaments, adding to the great supportive, family environment our club is known for.

Why is it year round(10 months)?

Soccer is a very complex game with many moving parts. It takes a long period of time to properly develop the technical(foot skill) and tactical(movement/decision making) aspects of the game. Long breaks can greatly hinder development. Consistence of playing and training is very vital to overall growth.

When does the season start and end?

The season starts in August and ends in May. We observe all school holidays including winter and spring breaks.

Why are tryouts in May?
Tryouts are in May so we can properly prepare for the season starting in August. This allows us to form our teams based upon the numbers we have in each age group and put together a schedule for each team. 

How often do we practice?
We practice 3 days a week.  Practice schedules/times/field location are announced prior to the season. We also offer extra opportunities for the players to train in the form of skills clinics and opportunities to train with other teams. 

Is playing time guaranteed?
Playing time in never guaranteed, however we as a club hold the philosophy that every player needs playing time in actual games and pressure situations to develop. Because of this you will generally never see a player not receive playing time. Playing time will certainly not always be equal, but each player will receive opportunities to grow and compete!

Do we make up rained out practices?
We do not make up make up practices that are cancelled due to weather. This is out of our control. Also, with the extra clinics and practices that are usually offered it more than makes up for any practices cancelled by weather.

What about college scholarships?
We will not lie to your face like others might do and tell you we guarantee college scholarships. Everyone has different circumstances that make them different. However, if this is a goal of your child we can certainly help them get there. Although, we always want to reiterate that if you are playing club soccer just for a soccer scholarship, your money can probably better be invested and used when they go to school. Have them play because it is fun, healthy, demanding, requires discipline, and help keep them out of trouble. The reality is that most college soccer scholarships are for a small percentage 10%-40% worth of the cost. The bulk of your child's scholarship money can be paid for with good grades and test scores. This is why we will always promote academics first! 

Why do we sign a parent and player contract?

Player and Parent contracts are very important. They lay out the expectations of every player such as respect for their coach and accountability to show up to practices. They also lay out expectations for our parents such as sideline conduct and how to properly contact your coach. These are not just important for the conducting of business at our club, but we believe they would be greatly served in all youth sports.


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